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Hackety Hack

Posted on by GoftheI

Now that you've watched the WWE Fastlane Network Special, listen to this Fastlane prhiview and see how right or wrong The MegaPowers were!  In this episode, on old friend makes a rhiturn, Chunky Larry cheats death maybe, Rhi brings everyone up to speed on what is on the "satisfying side of average", and Emessar doesn't know what's going on.  Follow the show on Twitter @mprpodcast.  Follow the hosts:  Chunky Larry is @justsayng, Rhianna Mator is @rhiannamator, and Emessar is @emessar177.  Join the Geeks of the Industry group at facebook.com/groups/gofthei.  Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, RATE, and SHARE!