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The Forgone Conclusion 2.5 Hour Extravaganza!

Posted on by GoftheI

The MegaPowers dive into a week of wrestling and discover that Bound For Glory is still a thing, teleivised house shows aren't that great, and every night is Ladies Night in NXT!  Plus, there's an update in the Hogan sex tape trial, Dolph Ziggler looks for Open Mic Night, pro wrestling's Crockett and Tubbs visit the studio, and everyone falls in love with Asuka.  Follow the show on Twitter:  @mprpodcast.  Follow the hosts:  Chunky Larry is @justsaying, Rhi is @Rhiannamator, and Emessar is @emessar177.  Join the Geeks of the Industry group at facebook.com/groups/gofthei.  Please LIKE, REVIEW, and SHARE!