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Bret's Got Both, But I Never Told Anyone

Posted on by GoftheI

In a world where the number 1 American wrestling show puts out a product that is so bad that good jokes don't even come out of it, 2 wrestling fans and 1 grumpy guy make the most of it.  Whether it's revealing Bret's darkest secret, or dealing with a Southern promoter constantly forcing his way into the studio, The MegaPowers fight for justice.  Follow the show on Twitter @mprpodcast.  Follow the hosts:  Chunky Larry is @justsayng, Rhianna Mator is @rhiannamator, and Emessar is @emessar177.  Join the Geeks of the Industry group at facebook.com/groups/gofthei.  Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, RATE, and SHARE!