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Nattie and the Naughty Factory

Posted on by GoftheI

The MegaPowers are in a mood to celebrate Rhianna Mator's birthday but the mood is about to change.  This week, Chunky Larry and Emessar talk about Santino's retirement, Rhicast a classic TV show and an overhyped movie, Rhicap NXT, wonder how much time Adam Rose and Zack Ryder have, Rhiveal Kofi's new gimmick, talk about the 10 guys Roman Reigns has to beat to be The Guy, and much much more.  Follow the show on Twitter @mprpodcast.  Follow the hosts:  Chunky Larry is @justsayng, Rhianna Mator is @rhiannamator, and Emessar is @emessar177.  Join the Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/gofthei.  Like, subscribe, rate, and SHARE.